Physio, training and fitness


Skateboarding can be seen as one of the toughest activities around and your body can take a pounding on a daily basis. You can help yourself stay fitter and stronger for the next skate session by ensuring the that your fitness aligned to the sport you take part in. By doing specialised skateboard focused exercise and training it can help you skate better, for longer and help reduce the amount of injuries you get, plus if you do get injured there are specific exercises which you can do to help the rehabilitation speed up your recovery.

We work with 3 skateboard specialists to give you advice on the most common skate injuries (and physio tips on helping you recover), training activities which can help you skate better and programmes on how to be at your peak fitness for your next skate session.



Align your fitness programme to ensure peak stamina & strength for when you go out skateboarding.

Coach: Wil



Find the best way to recover from skateboarding injuries, with exercises which are skateboarder focused.

Coach: Ben